Why Airline Windows and Seats Don’t Match Up

As air passengers, we love to gaze out of the window to view that great blue yonder in the middle of a flight.

But sometimes we end up frustrated that our assigned seats don’t have window next to it. It seems that in every few rows on a commercial jet, the windows don’t quite line up with the seats, rendering the window pretty much useless.

So what is behind this apparent non-alignment inside an intricately designed airline cabin?

It turns out that we found a rational explanation behind this: although aircraft manufacturers like Boeing or Airbus decide where windows go, it’s the airline companies like United, Southwest, Qantas or British Airways decide where the seats go. Manufacturers include their seating recommendations to airlines, but the arrangement is totally up to the airline.

Sadly, airlines usually disregard those recommendations in favor of their own seat configurations, often squeezing seats into economy class to please both the management (raise more revenue) and the passengers (lower fares).

It is up to airlines to decide what seating configuration is used, such as a 3-4-3 arrangement, a 2-3-2, or the universally dreaded 3-5-3.

So the main reason airline cabin windows don’t always match up with the seats is usually because the airline has crammed an extra couple of rows onto the plane, probably to make more money, and thrown the perfect alignment of seats and windows out of sync.


Why Kissing a Snake is a Bad Idea

If the sight of snake photos terrify you, look away, you have been warned.

A 29-year-old Chinese tourist named Jin Jing got a taste of snakebite after she tried to kiss it inside a zoo in Thailand.

The woman was attacked after she tried to give the python a peck. With no hesitation, the snake lashed out at her, prompting onlookers to scream in horror.

The victim was taken to Phuket International Hospital where she received eight stitches.

According to The Phuket News, the incident took place at an animal park in Chalong, Thailand and the snake involved was a reticulated python.


How Choosing Airplane Seat Could Help Save Your Life

Accidents are unpredictable occurrences that may occur to anyone. It is one that occurs at the anytime and anywhere. It may happen at the comforts of one’s home, at roadside among vehicles, on the sea among ships and boats, or on the air among the planes.


Airports That Offer Best Passenger Service

It’s been well-publicized item in the news about airports that become terrible places to get delayed flights.

Let’s check out the other end of the table: which airports offer genuine passenger service, without the frills of fountains, mile-wide shopping arcades and endless food options?


Qantas to Enforce Dress Code on Passenger Lounge

The ease of comfort in flip flops or baggy shorts don’t seem to bode well with Qantas airport lounges.

Starting April 1, travelers flying with the airline may be barred from entering the Qantas Clubs and Business Lounges in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney if they wear clothes that do not comply with the “smart casual” dress code.


Why Modern Airplanes Still Have Ashtrays in Toilets

It’s a no-brainer that you’re not supposed to smoke inside airplanes. You see them at the doorstep, dashboard below the overhead compartments and on toilets.

But one pressing question passengers may ask once they enter the washroom is that despite the cramped size most airplanes have, why do airlines — or maybe Airbus and Boeing — get bothered to install these fixtures even though they seem outdated and out of place!