Expert Tips That Help Expats Overcome Homesickness

Traveling or relocating to a far place does not always go down well with many people especially if they cannot get over the thought of the fact that they will miss family, friends and home delicacies. Another reason why someone can miss home is when a job in some distant place come calling and there is no better option than to go.


What to Do If You Discover Your Spouse is Cheating on You

Nowadays, discoveries of spouses cheating on their better half is quite common. Finding out that your spouse is cheating on you can be a very painful and tough experience to endure. The sad part is, it takes a long time for the pain to heal. To help a victim cope, here are some tips that he or she can take into consideration:


Why Children Need to Do Household Chores

Due to the demand for a certain level of childhood success, this has eliminated the idea of household chores from the to-do list of most American children. A lot of them are under the pressure to get involved in some sort of resume-building activity which has occupied the time that could be used for chores; though it does not necessarily mean that the activities these kids are engaged in is totally worthwhile.

According to Richard Rende, who is a developmental psychologist in Paradise Valley, Arizona: “Parents today want their kids spending time on things that can bring them success, but ironically, we’ve stopped doing the one thing that’s actually been a proven predictor of success—and that’s household chores.” Decades of studies show the benefits of chores—academically, emotionally and even professionally. Moreso, giving children household chores at an early age helps to build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility and self-reliance.


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