How to Maximize Small Room Spaces

In every area at one’s home, there is always a way to maximize the space. For most areas, such as bedrooms, maximizing the space may simply mean decluttering, or getting rid of unneeded items. Some ways to maximize the space in a bedroom include the following:


IKEA Now Offering Wireless Charging Furniture

Soon, various IKEA furniture pieces – nightstands, desks, lamps and more – will be able to charge your mobile device, whatever kind it is.

During the Mobile World Congress on Sunday, IKEA said it would include Qi technology into several of its products. This technology will let you to put mobile devices down on the furniture surface, which will lead to charges of the battery. This gets rid of the cable clutter and charging stations.


The Stylish, Kid-Friendly Home. Here’s How it look.

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Why A Partially-Painted Room Could Be Best

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