The Super Bowl 50 Commercials

AXE – Find Your Magic

2016 Buick Cascada

Amazon Echo

Hyundai – Ryanville

MINI USA – #DefyLabels

Avocados from Mexico – #AvosInSpace


SNICKERS® Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday

Doritos® Crash the Super Bowl Finalists


Shock Top

LG’s Man From The Future


How a Former NBA Player Becomes Ivy League Deans Lister

Troy Murphy is one of the NBA players who had seemed to be a little unconventional. For him to be able to focus on his NBA career, he decided to leave college. Thus, he was not able to finish his degree. However, after being out of the league since 2013, he decided to pursue a post-basketball goal.


IRS Reigns Down on Mayweather and Pacquiao Fight

The date is set for May 2nd at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas where two legendary fighters will be competing for more than just bragging rights. The notorious Floyd Mayweather will be putting his undefeated record on the line against the critically-acclaimed Manny Pacquiao. The battle between these two reigning champs is going down in the history books as the richest fight in boxing history. This fight means big earnings for both contenders but the IRS isn’t cutting neither of these fighters a check.


2015 NBA Trade Deadline Deals

The National Basketball Assocation has concluded its annual trade deadline with a flurry of transactions taking place at the very last hour.

Trades normally happen during the time when teams have played about half of the scheduled games determine whether they’ll make that playoff push, peddling for picks to become a lottery player or dismantle the team by dumping salaries and turn on rebuilding mode.


John Wall’s Crafty Dribble Amazes the NBA

The 2015 East All-Star starter John Wall of the Washington Wizards has unleashed a go-to dribble move that has been proven to get defenders out of rythm.

The dribble drive often comes after a screen from a big man where Wall will mimic a pass to a teammate by a one-hand push, creating a tremendous amount of backspin the that ball eventually rolls back to him. However, those guarding him could easily get baited and retreat towards the direction of the ball.