How an iPad Pro Makes Job Easier for Architects

Architects can look forward to a highly revolutionized way of working using the new iPad Pro. Launched by Apple, it is one of the largest ever tablet device with a 12.9” screen. With excellent specifications the iPad Pro has been the highlight in the technology front for the sheer value for price that it is offering.


5 Biggest Résumé Mistakes According to Google’s HR Man

Résumé plays an extremely important role in your hiring process. It speaks for what you are as an individual, as a professional and how hiring you would benefit the organization. It has to be good enough to be able to convince the person on the other end of the line that you’re worth giving a chance.


How to Pass the First Round of Your Job Interview

Didn’t get a call back after the interview?  Maybe you knew everything you were asked but the way you answered wasn’t convincing enough or maybe you just didn’t dress up for it. There are numerous reasons that on the basis or your interview determine whether you bagged that job or not. We are enlisting five common issues that prompt hiring managers to take you out of the race.


10 Cover Letter Clichés to Avoid

When an employer requests a cover letter from an applicant, he or she is giving him the chance to brag about his or her achievements. However, a lot of job seekers blow it off. Instead of taking time to write a unique and authentic cover letter, convincing the employer why they should be hired, applicants can easily go lazy, and use Google search cover letter samples to use as models.

Applicants can do better than a copy-pasted cover letter. It is important for job seekers to make sure that they do not include one of these cover letter clichés in their cover letters to prevent employers from throwing their letters into the trash bin or the shredder. The 10 most common clichés include the following:


The Key to Balancing Business and Personal Social Media

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