Men With Guitars Attract Women Better

Guys who wish to attract more girls may have one more weapon at their disposal: guitar. And mind you, man on trainer outfit carrying a gym bag: the musician’s got you beat buddy.

According to a study published in the Psychology of Music, women are more likely drawn towards men playing guitars than a man holding a gym bag.

In an experiment, an attractive man approached 300 women and asked for their phone numbers after complimenting each of them. He did this on three different scenarios: holding a guitar case, toting a sports bag and not carrying anything at all. Over a third of those approached by the guitar man agreed to share their numbers, 14 per cent responded affirmatively towards the man that approached them empty handed while only 9 per cent were willing to share their humbers with the same man carrying a sports bag.

What might be the reason behind?

It seems that women associate musical talent with genetic edge and intellectual ability that also comes with coolness and fun factor.

“Music induces a positive effect, and this positive effect primes receptivity to a courtship request,” says Nicolas Guéguen, study author and researcher at the University of South Brittany in France.

You think that the study is fluke? Result of another study shows consistency with the first.

According to Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, women are more receptive to a Facebook profile photo that shows a man with a musical instrument, not just guitar. Researchers sent out friend requests to 100 single women with a simple note, “Hey, what’s up? I like your photo.”

The two sets of friend requests were made by the same sender alternating with a profile that included a guitar and another that didn’t. The results of the research showed that 28 per cent of women responded positively to the account using profile photo with photo that included guitar while only 10 per cent accepted the friend request to the same account using photo without the guitar.

To summarize giving the woman an impression that you are into music and is like half the battle is won. This could be related to gestures that soften her up such as gently touching her forearm as the man tries to flirt with her.

Of course it doesn’t look good on you if you just carry the guitar and not knowing any of the songs or chords to play. It pays to learn the guitar even with simple chords.



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