Toblerone Changes Shape, Outrage Ensues

Citing higher costs for “numerous ingredients”, Toblerone has decided to change the shape of its iconic triangle-array chocolate bars as opposed to raising prices.

“…we had to make a decision between changing the shape of the bar, and raising the price. We chose to change the shape to keep the product affordable for our customers, and it enables us to keep offering a great value product.”

However, while the choice of keeping the price is commendable, widening the “valley” on its recognized mighty peaks shape appears more tedious than simply shortening the bar. The change in shape shaves about 10 per cent of chocolate content in each bar. So this means the 170g Toblerone bar sold on British shops will be shrinked to 150g.

The “necessary” change was partly blamed to Britain’s vote to leave the European Union that caused spike in ingredients, although the brand tried to dismiss this theory. But it comes as British food retailers have faced rising prices for imported goods due to the drop in the value of the pound since the June vote.


It remains to be seen if such change will proceed given the public’s social media reaction, or it will make a U-turn just like what Gap did when its decision to change its brand typeface was met with mostly negative reaction.



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