How an iPad Pro Makes Job Easier for Architects

Architects can look forward to a highly revolutionized way of working using the new iPad Pro. Launched by Apple, it is one of the largest ever tablet device with a 12.9” screen. With excellent specifications the iPad Pro has been the highlight in the technology front for the sheer value for price that it is offering.

Here are 4 ways that elaborate on how working on an iPad Pro for an architect translates into job finished with fluidity.

  1. The Apple Pencil- Apple has announced the Apple Pencil or stylus to accompany the new iPad. The new addition clearly suggests Apple’s motives of thinking beyond fingers and thumbs.
  • The stylus can capture more of a single stroke than your average stylus.
  • It has precision enough to highlight a single pixel which sure sounds tempting for a 5.6 megapixel display of the new iPad. This precision is a boon for the architects as opposed to the fat fingered lack of accuracy considering the details they have to get into.
  1. Side by Side Apps- The conception and completion of projects requires architects to transfer work and ideas over from the previous iteration of the design. This requires them to use arrays of apps all offering varied features and equipped with different capabilities.
  • Apple, at the June developer’s conference announced that the forthcoming operating system iOS 9 will, for the first time, support split screen apps.
  • The 12.9” screen of iPad Pro has been designed keeping this novelty in mind. It will have two equal side-by-side iPad Air screens that will enable you to use to apps at a time.
  1. Improved Graphics- Architecture is graphically intensive.
  • Keeping this requirement in mind the new iPad Pro’s graphics offer double the performance of their previous installment, supposedly making its graphics 360 times what was offered by the originaliPad.
  • The iPad Pro also brings their latest Retina 5K display over to the iPad family, making it the most advanced display that Apple has ever built
  1. New Apps from Adobe- iPad Pro will have new apps from Adobe, a surprising new addition that the architects will love.
  • The first app is Adobe Fix which will allow the users to retouch the images quickly
  • The second app is an update to the Adobe Sketch app which will allow the app to work more smoothly with the new Apple pencil.

iPad Pro will be available at prices between $799 and $1079 and the Apple Pencil at $99.



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