Downsides of Smartphone Revolution: The Negative Impact on Adults and Children

The advent of technology changed many lives and it continues to do so even today. At the onset of mobile telephony or cellular phones, not much was anticipated let alone communicating with relatives through text messaging and phone calls.

However, what has transpired in the last decade when Smart phones hit the market has brought to the fore two sides of the same coin that these cutting edge communication gadgets play in our lives today. In retrospect, many people anticipated an end to tedious means of reaching out to family members or communicating with workmates. However, the flipside of the positivity that many people endeared seem to be fading fast because the downsizes that come with the use of smart phones seem to be eating fast into social fabric that once blended and glued family members together.

The notoriety with which many people nowadays send messages and browse the web even as they stroll along street sidewalks is something not closer to the ends which most Smartphone manufactures seek to achieve because in high traffic, danger will always be lucking in the shadows of self unawareness.

According to a study by Gallup, many people simply can’t imagine a life without a Smartphone and so is the need to continuously fidget with them when chatting with friends on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The study places about 46% of Americans in what it terms as Smartphone amnesia. In fact, one can hardly goes a day or even an hour without checking on their mails and social media accounts and women seem to be in danger more than more when it comes to attaching their emotions to the use of Smartphones.

Time spent on virtual world has doubled many folds and this is one thing that Smartphone users are barely aware of. This human-electronic interactivity is not as healthy as Smartphone addict may want to put it because with it, comes negligence of duties.

Other findings posted online by the New York Times delves into behavioral attributes that children grow up with. While it is undisputable that the age of technology has seen the modern child learn immense regarding the use of laptops, tablets and Smartphone, the lurking danger is that they will always want to copy what their parents are doing. The main means through which children learn as they grown up is by looking at what their parents are doing and so, their nothing much they would always gain in terms of family importance and socialization.

Many times, parents who spend hours on end using their mobile phones tend to neglect their parental responsibility of child care and so, the social fabric between adults and their children tend to grow weaker and weaker, right from infancy to adulthood. It is on this premise that today’s generation children are smartphone addicts.

Well, when it comes to academic performance at school, performance in class work will always suffer especially among students who find no time for study as they would rather play the ‘Angry Birds’ game. Therefore, a lot of time is wasted in the use of Smartphone.

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