10 Tricks Interviewers Use You Should Be Aware Of

Interviewers have a tendency and the ability to look beneath the surface and get to know who you really are irrespective of how well you are prepared.

Here are 10 tricks interviewers often use that can trip you up if you’re not careful:

  1. Silence

Most interviewers remain silent even after you have finished answering. The trick is to see whether you’ll rush in to fill the silence ending up saying something that’s too candid, damaging even. Keep silent in situations such as these. If the interviewer still remains silent, ask if you answered the question full enough.

  1. Extreme friendliness

Friendly interviewers make you feel comfortable and at ease. Eventually you let your guard. You’re more likely to reveal something unflattering if you feel comfortable. Remember, no matter how cozy you feel, it’s still an interview!

  1. Asking “What do you know about us so far?”

They ask this to know if you have prepared well enough and know about the company you are interviewing for.

  1. Asking why you’re thinking about leaving your current job (or why you left your last job)

Interviewers want to know if you’re leaving (or if you left) on bad terms Remember not to speak ill about your previous employer, it speaks about your integrity and dedication to your workplace.

  1. Asking how soon you can start

If you say that you intend to start right away that would mean not giving your previous employer a two weeks’ notice about you leaving the job. This would make the interviewers think that you could do this to them too. Instead, explain that you can start as soon as you give appropriate notice and fulfill your obligations to your current employer.

  1. Asking you to follow up about something

If the interviewer asks you to do something, make sure you do it in the best way you can. It reflects on your ability to follow up commitments, even small or informal ones.

  1. Leaving you with the receptionist

Remember that you have come for an interview. You might be left with the receptionist intentionally so that the interviewer could later ask them about their impressions. Be sure of not saying anything to the receptionist that you wouldn’t say to the interviewer.

  1. If you were laid off, asking if others were laid off with you

This is not an innocent question. It’s an attempt to figure out if a past employer laid you off to avoid having to fire you for performance.

  1. Asking you to describe your dream job

Appear committed to the job you are applying for. Don’t give them an impression that you want to be a teacher if you’re applying for the job of an accountant.

  1. Asking what questions you have

This isn’t a trick question. If you have something to ask, shoot. Be sure the questions are thoughtful and related to the work, the culture and the organization.



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