How to Maximize Small Room Spaces

In every area at one’s home, there is always a way to maximize the space. For most areas, such as bedrooms, maximizing the space may simply mean decluttering, or getting rid of unneeded items. Some ways to maximize the space in a bedroom include the following:

1. Decrease the bed’s size. The bed is one of the furniture that occupies too much space in one’s bedroom. Reducing its size to one that fits its owner, would also mean reducing the space being occupied by it.

2. Reduce the size of storage furniture. Clothes dressers and armoires occupy a lot of floor space. Therefore, then can make the room congested. Rolling storages under the bed can be an alternative to clothes dressers, and can reduce room congestion.

3. Make use of multifunctional furniture. For instance, a futon can be used as a bed and a sofa at the same time. This can be a great option for small bedrooms, such as dorm rooms, small apartments, and others. Opting for a bed that has drawers underneath it, and a bookshelf at its headboard, can also be a great option for reducing space consumption.

4. Maximize storage utilization. Closets and other storage furniture must be organized to completely utilize all the spaces. The more clothes and items a furniture can store, the lesser the room congestion will be.

5. Maximize wall storage. In order to get rid of book shelves and other storage furniture units, make use of open and closed shelving. Make use of wall mirrors that hang on walls or those that can be places over larger ones that sit on the floor.

6. Make use of Murphy beds. These are beds that pull out from the wall and provide full floor access when the bed is upright. This can be used along with a desk that can be folded after use. Thus, when the bed is upright the desk can occupy its space. On the other hand, when the room owner is going to bed, the desk can be folded and set aside.

7. Minimize entertainment spaces in the room. Televisions, gaming systems, stereos, and others, take up space in the bedroom. Thus, it is best to consider moving them to another room, such as the living or family room. However, if having a television in one’s room is a necessity, then opting for a flat screen TV can reduce space consumption.

8. Use other spaces within the home. For example, the hall can hold closets where one can store winter clothes and seasonal clothing. Having hall closets and using them to store seasonal items is a great choice because they would be rarely used.



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