How a Former NBA Player Becomes Ivy League Deans Lister

Troy Murphy is one of the NBA players who had seemed to be a little unconventional. For him to be able to focus on his NBA career, he decided to leave college. Thus, he was not able to finish his degree. However, after being out of the league since 2013, he decided to pursue a post-basketball goal.

His decision after his basketball career ended was deemed far from normal scenarios. He decided to pursue a degree in sociology. He is currently an undergraduate at the Columbia University, and has been doing great. As a matter of fact, he garnered a 3.8 general percentile average (GPA), making him qualified for the dean’s list for the said semester.

All throughout his NBA career, Murphy earned approximately 70 million dollars. Despite this low income, he decided to return to school with a goal of earning a bachelor?s degree in sociology. Now-a-days, he is approaching the finish line, and is already close to it. As he completes his degree, he carries with him his learnings gained from the NBA. According to him, most professional athletes go astray after their playing days are over. However, for him, becoming a full-time student at one of the Ivy League universities allows him to pour his competitive energy towards his studies. This makes him more productive and focused on the lessons and the skills necessary. Furthermore, he added that, when he is in school, he would always have thoughts, such as ‘I am going to prove that I can be better than him or her’ or ‘I am going to outscore him or her’.

To be able to enroll at Columbia University, Murphy had to pass the entrance exam. To do this, he studied and prepared for the exam. He also hired a tutor who met him thrice a week. Furthermore, he also studied 25 hours per week for two months and answered more than 20 practice exams, as preparatory measures. This clearly showed that his hard work paid off.

Moreover, one of the probable reasons why Murphy decided to return to school is because both his parents are retired school teachers. When interviewed, one of the most common questions asked from the NBA player is what he misses and what he do not miss about the NBA? His answers would always be, that he misses the socks. On the other hand, he does not at all miss the airplane turbulence that according to him made him feel very anxious. Murphy is about to graduate in December.



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