Why Children Need to Do Household Chores

Due to the demand for a certain level of childhood success, this has eliminated the idea of household chores from the to-do list of most American children. A lot of them are under the pressure to get involved in some sort of resume-building activity which has occupied the time that could be used for chores; though it does not necessarily mean that the activities these kids are engaged in is totally worthwhile.

According to Richard Rende, who is a developmental psychologist in Paradise Valley, Arizona: “Parents today want their kids spending time on things that can bring them success, but ironically, we’ve stopped doing the one thing that’s actually been a proven predictor of success—and that’s household chores.” Decades of studies show the benefits of chores—academically, emotionally and even professionally. Moreso, giving children household chores at an early age helps to build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility and self-reliance.

Another wonderful thing about chores is that they also teach children how to be empathetic and responsive to others’ needs, so never encourage a child not to do chores”. Sometimes, all the kids need is just motivation to do household chores so below are some of the ways to motivate children towards such:

Schedule chore time
It is advisable to draw up a timetable for children to do chores as this will set their mind in the right direction and it will also bring about consistency.

Watch your language
When children carry out the chores given to them, ensure to thank them and show appreciation to them in such a way that they feel they can create a positive identity. For an example instead of saying “thanks for helping, you should rather say “thanks for being a helper”. This increases their desire to pitch in more and work harder.

Keep allowances and chores separate
Do not go ahead trying to motivate children to do household chores by promising them money or more allowance as it defeats the whole purpose of it. It even decreases motivation and such kids will be more interested in the money rather than the satisfaction that will come from helping at home.

Game it
Just like video games where you move from one level to another on successful completion of a particular stage, so also make household chores such that while it could be sorting of clothes at first, it could be right to use the washing machine next.

Types of task matter
The chores to be assigned to the kids should be routine and based on taking care of family rather than self-care as this will help the child to build empathy.

Talk about chores differently
Chores should be presented to kids as a collective work rather than individual and abandoning the kids. So it is better to say “let us do our chores rather than go and do your chores”.

Give chores a PR boost
Talk about chores like it is a natural and normal thing; no need to dwell and exaggerate on it as the kids will get extra conscious and might lose interest.



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