7 Habits of The World’s Richest People

Rich people have certain habits either consciously or unconsciously which are part of their everyday lives that distinguishes them from people living in poverty and these habits tend to have an impact on their financial success. If these habits are adopted by people that are not rich, there is a probability that such people will experience some measure of financial success themselves.

From a study carried out, below are the major 7 habits of the richest people:

Persistent – While we generally think of persistence as more of a personality trait, it’s certainly a habit that can be learned and practiced over time. This is a trait of wealthy individuals such that when faced with challenges, they keep pushing knowing that success could be right around the corner. They’re persistent in all areas of their lives, not just when it comes to money-generating activities.

Setting attainable goals – whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly setting goals for ourselves. Anytime we look to the future and think about what we’d like to have or do, we’re essentially setting a goal for ourselves but the problem with these goals, most times is that they aren’t specific and not necessarily realistic. Wealthy individuals on the other hand consistently set specific, attainable goals. These goals were realistic and had a specific set of actions that would need to be carried out in order to be met.

They find a career mentor – this is a big one; in fact, 93% of wealthy individuals had a mentor who assisted them on their path to success. Finding a great mentor can be challenging, but the payoff can be huge. So they searched for that person in their field of choice that is successful who they looked up to for guidance to achieve that success.

They educate themselves – As mentioned above, 88% of wealthy individuals spent at least 30 minutes each day reading in order to expand their knowledge. In addition, 85% read two or more books per month on a regular basis. Nonfiction books like biographies, self-help books, or materials related to their business or career were all popular choices. Wealthy individuals were able to translate what they learned into actionable information they could apply to their daily decisions. They made a habit of prioritizing self-education, and used what they learned to reach their goals and improve their lives.

They track their progress – When you live “off the cuff”, without much thought as to what you’re doing, it’s nearly impossible to know what you need to change or do differently in order to succeed. For instance, if you don’t keep a monthly budget, it’s impossible to know how or where you can save money. Setting and attaining goals becomes far more difficult when you have no yardstick by which to measure your progress. To give yourself the best chance of success, keep yourself organized and track the progress you’re making toward your goals.

They surround themselves with success-oriented people – Wealthy individuals seem to intuitively understand the importance of being around other goal- and success-oriented people. They are intentional about nurturing these positive relationships, and they invest the time and energy necessary to help these relationships grow.



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