IKEA Now Offering Wireless Charging Furniture

Soon, various IKEA furniture pieces – nightstands, desks, lamps and more – will be able to charge your mobile device, whatever kind it is.

During the Mobile World Congress on Sunday, IKEA said it would include Qi technology into several of its products. This technology will let you to put mobile devices down on the furniture surface, which will lead to charges of the battery. This gets rid of the cable clutter and charging stations.

Many airports, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and various public locations, use Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi. Many smartphones currently support the technology including the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone along with 15 car models and numerous mobile accessories.

IKEA is hoping to give users a little convenience in the home, allowing them to set their smartphone down on charging pads that have been built into the furniture. The company will be the first to mass produce built-in wireless chargers for consumer use.

While it does eliminate the device wires and the need to remember where your charge is, the furniture will still need some a power source to attain the energy for your electronic device.

It’s a huge move for both IKEA and Qi. There are two additional charging stations along with Qi; Rezence and Power Matters Alliance. IKEA backing Qi, could skyrocket it ahead of the others. If true wireless charging is to be a “normal every day thing”, there will need to be just one standard, being included in and work universally in all mobile devices.

IKEA also has plans to offer wireless charging kits that can be added into existing furniture for about $30 to $35. Furniture that has the wireless charging technology built into it will cost roughly $22 more than non-wireless charging pieces.



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