9 Things Successful People Do Before Going to Bed

Scientific studies say that the last thing people do before they go to bed affects their mood and energy level the succeeding day. This is because it determines how well they have slept and how much sleep they get. For this reason, successful people understand that success starts and ends with their physical and mental health, which are totally dependent upon the sleep they got.

That is why bedtime routines are a key ritual for so many of them — and why the very last thing most successful people do before bed is read.

Knowing this, successful people maintain routines before they go to sleep. These routines allow them to have a restful sleep and feel revitalized the following day. These routines include the following:

  1. They Read. According to experts, successful people read before they go to sleep. According to an international author and business speaker, there are numerous business readers who block off tie just before they sleep to read, making it a non-negotiable schedule on their calendar. This reading, however, is not limited to business alone. They find value in browsing information from various sources, believing that these readings can be a helpful tool in generating creativity and passion in their lives.
  2. They come up with a to-do-list. Clearing off their minds before going to sleep is vital for successful people. Therefore, they take time to write down all the unattended items that they need to address the following day. This is done to prevent these thoughts from invading their minds in their sleep.
  3. They spend time with family. According to a psychologist, it is important to chat with one’s partner, talk to one’s kids, or play with one’s dogs. Furthermore, not every couple can go to bed at the same time. However, it is a great way to connect or chat about how the days went.
  4. They reflect on the day. Successful people also take time to write down or reflect on things that they are appreciative of before the day ends. Keeping a journal that contains what people are thankful for reminds them of their progress. This serves as a motivation, especially during tough times.
  5. They meditate. Successful people allot approximately 10 minutes of their time to meditate before they go to bed. According to life coaches, one of the greatest ways to meditate is to relax one’s body and quiet his or her mind.
  6. They plan out sleep. Successful people do not suffer chronic sleep deficits. Successful people make it a priority to have a restful night and get enough sleep. This is one of the challenges workaholics or entrepreneurs face. However, experts suggest that going to bed consistently at night is one of the keys to forming a habit of getting enough sleep.
  7. They leave work after business hours. Successful people do anything before going to sleep, except work. They do not compulsively check their mobile phones or mails, and try not to dwell with work-related matters.
  8. They picture-out the following day’s successes. A lot of successful people take time to visualize a positive aftermath for the upcoming projects they are working on. According to a workplace expert, this is not an exercise or a mantra that successful people do. This is a skill that comes naturally, as these people are gifted with solid resolution skills.
  9. They go to bed with optimism. They do not complete forget the mishaps of the day, but take it positively. They take those mishaps as room for lessons and for growth. As a result, they retire with a positive outlook, highlighting what went well instead of what went wrong.



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