Easy Hacks to Speed Up Your Android Phone

We’ve all been there. It’s frustrating to spend several hundred dollars on a high end smart phone to only find smooth and speedy performance remains a distant dream. iPhone faces this issue seldom since iPhone iOS is developed keeping in mind specific hardware configuration, while Android is developed for many devices that do not share standard hardware specification. Though these performance issues are largely due to hardware device configuration, there are few simple hacks that you can do on the software front that will minimize the pressure on the device making your hardware considerably faster.

Your smart phone needs a restart
Just like your computer, you’re smart phones needs a restart every once a while. Before you jump into taking any other measure, try shutting down and restarting your Android phone every once a while.

Update your Android
If you’re smart phone is running slow, there are possibility that it can be fixed by installing the latest Android software update. Go over to settings > About device > Software Updates and check if there is any new updates available. Google introduces updates and improvements to each new release of Android OS.

Take off unnecessary stuffs
Every app that you install on your phone takes up some memory space and runs some background processes on you smart phone. The more app you have got installed on your phone, the more background processes are running, degrading the performance of your smart phone. Its time you knock off those unnecessary apps you hardly use. Keep only the apps that you actively use, for rest of the apps, either delete them or disable them.

Clear up your app cache
Smart phones store images and data associated with app so that it doesn’t have to load them every single time you run the app. This is a good feature, especially if you are conscious about how much of data you use. But if your phone is running slow, probably it’s bloated with images stored on your phone from apps that you don’t use anymore. Delete them by going to Settings > Storage > Cached Data.

Update the Apps
Regularly update your phone’s installed app. Developers constantly fix bugs and add features in a continuous endeavor to increase the performance of their apps. Get updates for your apps periodically from Google Play.

Turn to high speed memory cards
Memory card is the storage space on your smart phone. Phones with low internal memory will get a boosts from high capacity memory cards. High speed memory cards not only add capacity, but also the speed to the mix.

Stop Syncing
Sync is a good feature that synchronizes your data with the servers. There are many apps like Google App that keep fetching notification whenever new mail comes or there is a new update available. To achieve this, app does a refresh at every preset interval. This comes down heavily on the performance of your Android phone. You can keep the sync off for the services you don’t require and have them turned on only when there is a need to transfer or upload materials on to Google servers.



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