1955 Picasso Painting Sells For $160M


A 1955 Cubist masterpiece created by Pablo Picasso just sold at auction for a fetching price – $160 million, making it the most expensive painting to ever have been sold. And, it doesn’t include the commission the auction house Christie’s was paid. The total came to $179.35 million. Pre-auction estimates said the painting would bring in $140 million.


Facebook Hello App Makes It Easier To Find Out Callers’ Identities


There are billions of calls made each day using cell phones, and people tend not to have a lot of information about the caller. However, there’s Hello, a new app created by the Messenger team. It connects to Facebook so you can learn who the caller is, block calls you don’t want, and look for people and places.



Singapore Math Question That Went Viral Solved


A seemingly simple logic question has driven Internet crazy right after the test question was posted on Facebook by Singaporean TV host Kenneth Kong. Singapore students have been consistently ranking well on global mathematics arena so such item should at least gather interest among mathematics wizards.



“I’m With Stupid” Shirt With Ecuador President


Politicians have to adhere with unwritten rules about photo opportunities. Among them: show your best smile when posing with kids, point at random things and avoid standing next to taller people.


Décor & Style

How to Maximize Small Room Spaces


In every area at one’s home, there is always a way to maximize the space. For most areas, such as bedrooms, maximizing the space may simply mean decluttering, or getting rid of unneeded items. Some ways to maximize the space in a bedroom include the following:


Health & Well-Being

Top Cancer Causing Food You May Be Eating Every Day


Nowadays, technology has paved the way to produce food that are genetically modified to be able to meet the worldwide demands. However, these genetically modified products are believed to be less healthy than those organic ones. As a matter of fact, it is believed that these products may even increase the risk of an individual for the development of cancer. These products include the following:


Love & Relationships

11 Tips to Maintain Healthy Long Distance Relationship


It has been long believed that long distance relationships do not work. As a matter of fact close acquaintances and even family members will discourage this kind of relationship. No one has ever said that being away from someone special would be easy, and things may become complicated. As a result, there may be days when you would feel lonely and blue. However, the distance could also add spice to the relationship and make it even sweeter. Here are some tips to make the relationship work even if you are miles away from each other:


Love & Relationships

How to Check if Your Spouse is Cheating


You’re in a precarious position, your paranoia is increasing, but you either don’t know if your suspicions are true yet or you don’t know how to gather the proof you need to cut your losses already. The best advice for either scenario is to remain calm and collected, use these tips to help guide you to the best resolution without making things worse.


Health & Well-Being

4 Benefits of Waking Up Early


Are you a morning person? Do you wish you could be a morning person? Well, there are more reasons to be one nowadays, and we have gathered some of the most popular ones that just might get you into the habit of being one. Sometimes you need that extra level of motivation to change old habits. We hope this list of benefits gives you the push in the right direction!


Inspire, Sports

How a Former NBA Player Becomes Ivy League Deans Lister


Troy Murphy is one of the NBA players who had seemed to be a little unconventional. For him to be able to focus on his NBA career, he decided to leave college. Thus, he was not able to finish his degree. However, after being out of the league since 2013, he decided to pursue a post-basketball goal.